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4386Aztech Services [Church crockhem]
Total claims:1
Poor service and fraud »17/08/0922/08/20090


We brought a washer dryer through Dixons online service last year which has now broke down. Dixons/Curry's (same company) sent our details to Aztech Services, who contacted us to repair our machine. When I made the appointment I asked could the engineer call 30mins before he would be there as they could only tell what day they would come out and not time.

Aztech first come out on the 7/8/09 and did call me 20mins before but did not have the right part. The engineer made a phone call to the office and then said to me that the part should be in by the 14/08/09 and that the office would contact me before the date to confirm and make an appointment for this date to which they did not. When I phoned on the 14/8/09 to see what was going on as I have had no call, they said they had already been out and that the engineer did phone me 30mins before he arrived. No missed call or voice message was left on my phone and they did not even call me to make the appointment earlier in the week. I would now be charged £66-70 as a call out fee.

After much arguing with Dixons and aztech, aztech assured me that they have checked the phone records and that the engineer have defiantly made the call. My girlfriend has now felt bullied in to paying the charge as they would not repair the machine until it had been paid. The payment cleared our bank on 14/08/09. Aztech now made another appointment with my girlfriend and come out on the 19/08/09. They did come out and they did ring 15mins before arriving, the engineer said that he fixed the machine and showed me that water could be pumped in and pumped out of the machine. Later that day I put it on for a cycle and machine was not working properly, the display were not showing properly and there was a really bad grinding noise when the drum turned.

We called Dixons/curry to say that it was not fixed, to which they replied we will now have a new machine to replace the broken one.

On the 20/08/09 my girlfriend checked her account online to find that Aztech have taken out another payment of £23-58 on the 17/08/09 (3 days after the call out fee) which had not been agreed by anyone, to which we immediately called our bank to discuss this and find out what was going on. The bank said that this now a fraud case and it will be dealt with ASAP as they should not have kept our details for longer then they need to.

I phoned Aztech on the 22/08/09 to get details of the company to put on this website and to give to trading standards. While on the phone I asked why they had taken out the moneys of £23-58, Deborah replied we don't have any record of this payment and don't you think your jumping on the bandwagon a bit too quick (disgraceful service) I also asked if I could have a copy of the phone records from the 14/08/09 as I was not happy about the call out charge and wanted some proof which I am entitled to. Deborah replied we don't even have phone records only our engineers have the phone records. This insinuates to me that the engineers have to use they own phone and not company phones, if this is true how can they check there records before the monthly bill has come in and if they phoned there service provider I would also like proof of this and the call that supposedly made to my phone on the 14/08/09. Deborah replied they cannot give me any proof.

So if they can't prove to me that they called me I should be entitled to have my money back from the callout fee and especially the £23.58.

Shortly after the call Deborah phoned me back to say sorry for keeping your details and we will give you the £23-58 back but we can't give you the £66-70 back or any compensation for you inconvenience with cancelling your cards and the stress we've put you through. Thanks for that Deborah you can deal with the banks, police, trading standards and anyone else that gets involved. You should not have kept our details and the level of service that give is lowest of the low. Anyone that has to deal with this company should run a mile and keep on running......

Can you trust them I say NO YOU CANT!.....

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14581aamco..or trancare inc. [brooklyn]
Total claims:1
manager »11/09/201015/11/20100

I leave my car for repair the transmision..that supust..for $1780.00.. next.. day call me cindy...and said mr. yuo.. $3980.00 I said huaaaooo...what happened..yuo need change.. 4 or 5 pieces..later ..I paid $3680.00...after pckup my car,,,in 3 huors..the car was broken again...last weex..leave my car ..for secund time,, dont have my, car cant ,, make my job.... and I lost alot people ..bad bussneess...bad services

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16525Currys & Whirlpool UK
Total claims:1
I'm unhappy with the customer care provided »30/01/1107/02/20110
I bought a Whirlpool washing machine from Currys on line on 11/10/10. on 30th January it broke down. I rang currys - although their phone lines took me to Whirlpool UK and an engineer came on 2nd February and advised that the machine needs a new motor. I was told this takes approximately 5 working days to deliver as Whirlpool UK only stock parts in Italy. Today 7th Feb I was told that one of the parts would not be available until 18th Feb and they would ring me once they have arranged an engineer. I have complained in writing and received a nicely written fob off letter! I really do not understand what has happened to customer care in this country. Curry's refer me to Whirlpool, Whirlpool refer me to Curry's and all in all they do not care how much over the next 3 weeks it will cost me in time and money using a launderette whilst they take their time to repair by machine.

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21654Sandy Wallace [Inverkeithing]
Total claims:1
Glasgow, 29 March 2011

Sandy Wallace
15 Hope Street
KY11 1LW

Subject: Claim for compensation - Informal stage

Dear Sandy Wallace,

I am writing to you in relation to my accident with my Giant bike, which happened on the 21st of May 2010, five days after your shop serviced it on Saturday 17th of May 2010. My apologies if I am writing to you only now, but I was under shock for months after and opted to buy a new bike after the accident, as I had lost now all my confidence with the Giant you serviced and the only way to gain confidence at high speed again, was to buy a new bike. I spent £260 for my last service in your shop. This is the highest amount I have ever paid and definitely the most disappointing service I ever experienced. I used to service my bike at Dales bikes in Glasgow where the bike was bought, but when I discovered your shop in Inverkeithing I thought it would be much more convenient for me to service the bike on a Saturday when I am home for the weekend. But let me explain the facts in the most concise way I can, although I will try to avoid missing out important details of my most dramatic experience of bike-servicing in 14 years, since i started cycling on a daily basis and embraced a greener philosophy.

On Saturday 3rd of July 2010 I came round to your shop in Inverkeithing where I was hoping to speak about my accident and the negligence of your technicians, to you in person, but had to speak to your technician Joe instead.

I brought my bike to your shop on the 17th of May to service:
the back transmission main screw, the one which holds the back cogs together; screw of the same new transmission that your shop installed on my bike on your earlier service on the 9th of January 2010. This screw had loosen and was not able to use the smaller cogs of the back wheel for at least two months.
I also noticed that my brakes had not been serviced properly on the 9th of January, as I discovered that the two screws to adjust the hydraulic brakes (placed next to each braking lever on the handle bar) were still stuck although I had been assured that these would be fixed. In addition the replaced disk was showing rusting already in a few days (i doubt teh quality of your replacement parts)
Furthermore the handlebar which was also loose on 9th of January, was loose again.

These are the three main points I brought the bike back for service on the 17th of May.
After the 17th of May service, I was happy to be able to use my bike and all its gears again but, this same screw mentioned above, serviced and a fixed five days earlier, suddenly loosens again while cycling at high speed, causing me to fall off the bike on Bridge of Weir Rd. between the village of Brookfield and the roundabout between “Barrochan Rd. and Bridge of Weir Rd.” at around 10.30am of Friday 21st of May (map coordinates 55.844026,-4.527011).

This accident happened five days after you serviced my bike and was caused by the same screw you had serviced five days earlier which suddenly loosened making me trip and fall.

As a result of this accident, I was taken to the Abbey Medical Centre in Paisley to medicate my multiple injuries. On the bike I found a major deep crack on the left fork, a damaged left brake lever and of course the cause of the accident, the screw mentioned above, was loose again. But this last is not damaged, only loose. Again. My rucksack and trousers were damaged beyond repair due to the impact.

On the 29th of May I returned to your shop to fix the above mentioned screw.

On Wednesday 9th of June this same screw mentioned above, the same you have originally installed in January and allegedly serviced twice on the 17th of May and on the 29th of May, loosens again in a very similar manner as on the day of my 21st of May accident. After this THIRD time the screw loosens I AM NOW SURE OF YOUR NEGLIGENCE.

As a consequence of this accident caused by the poor services of your shop, I was injured. My rib cage is still sore and I can still feel odd clots under the skin of my hip's muscles. Bike wise, please refer to the above mentioned damages.

I here ask you, Sandy Wallace, to have a thought about the content of this letter. Of course I expect full compensation of the above damages to my bike and I am open to hear your offer to do so. I can prove the negligence of your services and the above is also well documented and witnessed and I am determined and confident I will get full compensation for the damages on my bike.

If I don't hear from you in the next 14 days, I regret to inform you that I will pass this matter to my competent lawyers. This will involve claiming my physical injuries as opposed to compensation on bike damages and legal costs will turn this unfortunate situation into a more public and serious matter.


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Total claims:1
Complaint – MOT Services on Vehicle Reg. P907 UTL on 29/11/11
I write following receipt of your telephone complaint on 29th November 2011

An MOT test was carried out on the vehicle however the test only lasted 20 or so minutes and then abandoed. I feel that the MOT test fee charged is unfair since a full test was not carried out to justify the full fee being charged.
Other checks that could have been done were not carried out and a water leak is not an MOT requirement and therefore should not be failed based on that alone.

I feel the service carried out is unsatisfactory as I paid for a service which was not carried out fully. I have already compained but have so far been unsatisfactory with the outcome and how it has been resolved so far.

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Total claims:2
recon engine »june 1113/02/20120
Chris and Chaz gave a quote to replace my engine with a re-con engine. Half way through repairs they got in touch and stated that a lot more things needed replacing adding nearly an extra £ 1000 to the original cost.Finally got car back, after only 7000 miles and the car going back to total engines twice for 2 services, to keep the warrenty, the engine went bang, total engines wanted £ 4000 to put it right, I disputed there findings and said i would get an independent engineer to do a report, Total engines still refuse to release the head of the engine, so left me with just a shell of a car, and bottom of the engine and gearbox. Total engines did not put in a re-con engine but just an old engine from a scrap yard. They have ignored all correspondence even my letter of intent. There parent company Gold Arrow engineering ltd has been dissolved and a new company called Total engines ltd has been set up. So I have no one to make a claim against.
This company should be avoided at all costs, I was left out of pocket and without a car.

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Total claims:2
DO NOT TRUST ENGINE REBUILD/replacement -TOTAL ENGINES »23 Dec 201112/02/20120
The owner and promoter of this garage by the name of CHRIS is one of the worst businessmen. I have to say i was a mug to believe what he said.

He promised to deliver a complete engine rebuild (as he described it – from top to bottom, showing me a plastic model that he had besides his cowshed of a garage) for me at the cost of X, however 15 days later at a cost of X + 400 pounds, he has had to change the clutch and timing belt and INJECTORS etc.

There were panels missing from my car and ive checked the engine number and it isnt the one that belongs to my car ONLY he knows what he has replaced. On requesting an invoice he questioned my trust in him and good job i did, because i will be pursuing reclaim of my costs through a litigation lawyer and reporting to all relevant agencies/rogue traders etc. Trading standards dictate a service should be of use to the customer, but not last for 3 weeks, irrespective of warranty.
The car wasnt running perfectly when it left his garage, so he says, “run the engine in and it will bed in”. 3 weeks later the car is broken down and unusable.

This time no chance taken, at my cost i have gone to VW dealership to get a print out of their diagnosis.
DIAGNOSIS SAYS – the camshaft is worn and tap heads disintergrated hence why its not running.

Some engine rebuild - hes just conned me out of £1200 and replaced my engine with one from his scrap yard! Now he wants me to go back to his garage so that he can con me another £290 – £200 for the injectors that he had to replace and 90 for the service that is due to keep warranty.

BEWARE – the warranty is worthless!!!!!!


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30235Repair Doctor - Darren Emmott [Aldershot]
Total claims:1
REPAIR DOCTOR....IN NEED OF A HEAD DOCTOR!!! »29 July 201430/07/20140
Sadly we paid over ?300 to have our Karcher carpet machines and Vax hoover repaired by Repair Doctor. They lost 2 parts and one of the machines is now completely unusable. When we called to advise they told us we must have broken the handle and accused us of sabotaging the machine, telling us we'd had it 3 weeks and used it in that time. We'd had it only a week and had not tried to use it until that time! They didn't even offer to look at it again and called us all the foul "F" words and nasty names under the sun. To top it off Darren Emmott the owner said I bet you're not married cos nobody would have you?! Quite the professional touch! I have never had such a verbal assault from anyone in my life, but especially not from someone we've just paid ?300 to! Watch out ladies when dealing with this specimen of a "man"; he's a bully! Actually, I've just read a similar review of a gentleman who had an issue with this company and 4 guys working in the store threatened to beat him up!! They need professional medical help!!!

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30461Total Engines Ltd [Mr Beg]
Total claims:1
ENGINE REBUILD »01/09/201515/10/20150
I have never ever written a review about anyone or a company.

I took my smart car for an engine rebuild in September 2014, Total Engines Ltd, charged me ?900 for this plus ?50 for a service. When I took the car home it was not working properly, so I dropped it off next day. They kept the car for 4 weeks and only after many phone calls and visits to the garage they eventually gave the car back. Which was now in working order.

A few months of driving i started having problems with the engine and making strange noises. I took the car back and paid ?90 for another service and they informed me that the turbo needed changing and that was causing the noise, which was a complete lie. I took the car home and ran it for another few months. In September 2015 the engine was totally gone with cylinder 3 misfiring.

I took the car back as i had a 2 year or 24k miles warranty. Mr Beg had informed me that as the exhaust was patched up this had led to the engine going bust - which was a second lie. Mr Beg informed me that he would get this car running if i paid him ?400. I quickly too the car out of his garage and went home.

I called up smart clinic who had informed me that the exhaust patches will not affect the engine and will not cause the engine misfire.

I have now had a new engine put in by smart clinic who are very good, only if i had known of them before. I do not have the time to take Total Engines to court, if i did i would have done as i am not short of funds to do this.

Please do not use this garage for engine rebuild as they are a complete waste of time and money and do not know what they are doing. They are unscrupulous and will not provide a good service.

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