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24568WOW Buys - Flash Incentives [Uxbridge]
Total claims:1
Unpaid wages »201114/04/20122

This daily discount voucher company needs a health warning attached. Words fail me. The company have left a trail of deceit and debts since it's been operating and am flabbergasted that men like David Phillips (The 'Director'!!??) can live with themselves knowing the pain he has put so many people through. They have no thought for customers or staff, complete crooks! Promise after promise of wages never materialised and we had to take them to Employment Tribunal for what is owed.

The Tribunal found all claims against them upheld but Chief Executive David Phillips refuses to pay staff still even though they continue to trade, citing financial difficulties.

It seems that ignoring the law and shafting their staff doesn't stop organisations dealing with them or David Phillips along with his director colleagues, Phillip Spurden and Anthony O’Driscoll, staying in business?

Don't touch this lot with a bargepole and especially don't take a job there!


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4499Signet Group
Total claims:1
It's not just the customers! »18/07/0926/08/20090

It's not just the customers who arn't treated well at signet group, so are the staff, i recently left signet group as a sales associate for a much better job, upon my last paycheck i realised i was deducted £160 for holiday, wasn't paid for overtime in May, when I was leaving in July! When studying my old payslips i noticed I had been deducted £91 for taking two days ill in January and was given back only £45 the next pay check! So i wasn't paid for only one day sick WHICH IS ILLEGAL TO DO.

I phoned up our head office as it was not my managers fault (she's a lovely woman and I miss her very much) only to find out I am not going to get any of this money except £55 for the over time in May


They will be recieving a letter from my employment lawyer


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5821wooden drake construction [Seattle]
Total claims:1

My  husband worked for this company and this owner.  They are out of business now and have been sued multiple times.  We have been unable to find him and the company is no longer in business.  We know he is still in the Seattle area and have a judgment against him but we need to find him in order to get paid.

If anyone knows Michael Drake who owned Wooden Drake Construction, please contact us - we desperately need this money!


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24180H. Samuel, Staines, Middx [Staines]
Total claims:1
Delia Leven »07/06/201116/03/20120
I bought ring with diamond cluster on 7th June. I have only worn it 8 times for special occasions. A diamond fell out in December 2011. I took it back to shop and they explained.Staff very uncooperative/disinterested- Told me I had to send it to Quality Control for examination. So I did.

On 20th January I received letter sating the ring had considerable wear and that the diamond had been knocked/scratched out. I woule have to pay for repair.

Ring is now worthless. So I will contact Trading Standards and hopefully obtain satisfaction

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27811Excel Telemedia, London SW18 [Excel Telemedia]
Total claims:1
Fired by a company I make money for for six years »
I have told Excel Telemedia I am leaving today and they have closed my account with them so I said will my wages be paid next week and they said, "you don't work for us now" so I took that as a no.
I have a new job anyway, better paid from the New Year so fuck them but you know, can they treat people so shabbily?
To prove I worked for them, look!
Dec 10 2012 12:00AM to Dec 16 2012 11:59PM View
Dec 3 2012 12:00AM to Dec 9 2012 11:59PM View
Nov 26 2012 12:00AM to Dec 2 2012 11:59PM View
Nov 19 2012 12:00AM to Nov 25 2012 11:59PM View
Nov 12 2012 12:00AM to Nov 18 2012 11:59PM View
Nov 5 2012 12:00AM to Nov 11 2012 11:59PM View
Oct 29 2012 12:00AM to Nov 4 2012 11:59PM View
Oct 22 2012 12:00AM to Oct 28 2012 11:59PM View
Oct 15 2012 12:00AM to Oct 21 2012 11:59PM View
Oct 1 2012 12:00AM to Oct 7 2012 11:59PM View
Invoices of all the weeks I worked for them from 1st October 2012 but it seems they don't mind asking workers to train up other operators for free and yet they don't mind letting you go without paying when you are leaving anyway.
I worked 56 hours one week in January for this company and did I get any thanks. No.
Apparently they advertise you can earn £10.80 an hour which you can but only if you log on between 2am - 8am in the morning and then you don't get the phone calls that time of night.
I am happy to be leaving. It's a job that people say is a laugh (sex chat) but it's not, it's lonely, degrading and the only reason I did it is I lost my confidence the more I did it but not any more. Thankfully I got another job (got the job offer letter last month) and they can go screw themselves if they think I will train their operators for free lol.
Also, men, pay attention. All those pics of me, they were fake. Out of my 15 pics, I was made up of 4 different women and on one pic on the website, the same bum pic was used for two operators and they both can't be the same woman.
Am I bitter, no actually. Am I excited about my new year job. Hell yes. Am I unhappy they have kept my wages. No. I have reshuffled my finances and I will be fine.

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29623Imperial Cars [lou and bez joseph]
Total claims:1
stolen wages »1/7/201309/07/20130
noting but criminals .. worked my ass off for this company then between bez joseph and the owner lou they are messing about with my wages. nothing but a pair of lscumbags...see my letter to these thieves below...

despite chasing you for approximately 2 weeks for the money i worked so hard for i am yet to be paid. as ive already told you i am not in recipt of state benifits and therefore have to pay full rent as well as any other expences.

so far i have incurred over £175 in charges and late fees as a direct result of your selfish decision to with-hold my money for every reason under the sun. none of which , mind u - is in accordiance with UK law.

Once you register and run a business in this country you have to comply with all aspects of the business law. At this point you claim to be holding the money, asserting that details of my address has gone astray. There isn't a provision in the law for you to refuse to pay for this reason. If anything you qualify for a £10,000 fine for failing to check documentation prior to the commencement of my employment with you.

While i can understand and empathise with the situation concerning your mother - i cannot allow your personal matter to derail my life and that of my 5 children.
Like i said on the phone today, I am well within my rights to take you to court. I have so far found a total of 32 points of law, governmental guidelines and health and safety regulations that imperial cars have breached and/or broken. However knowing this distress that it will bring upon you, your family, your business and your staff i have deliberately delayed my impulse to do so, but sadly i feel that i may have no other alterinative but to take this distressing course of action againt u and your company which could see you pay me around 7 times the amount you awe and of course that is excluding any fines imposed on you by the authorites.

You said that your daughter is a legal secetary but i cannot fathom why she has permitted you to employ human beings to work in such a deplorable work environment - or advise you that its illegal to with hold wages????

Please note: If my money is not fully paid in cash today as promised*** i will make 2 prompt applications to the courts. Once my applications have been made i will not be prepared to withdraw unless you agree to:
pay me all of my money in cash as agreed
cover the costs of both applications
agree to pay compensation for distress caused to my family
agree to pay compensation for the extreme level of sexual harassment i had to endure from *** and Bez Joseph - with Bez being the most prolific and perverted
further agree to pay compensation for failing to maintain duty of care as an employer

Hopefully we can get this matter resolved amicably today.

surprise surprise.. the money was not paid and the company offers up even more excuses

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30283northsouth communications [George Innes Smith]
Total claims:1
Give me my wages »01/09/1429/10/20140
This bunch of so called directors have been holding back my wages since the first of September just to be awkward they told me they were transferring my wage last Friday but it didn't show up in my bank account. I stayed on at work for 2 weeks taking on these directors jobs for the time they were on holiday and this is how they pay back a bit of loyalty. I did most of the work while I was with this company and was working for below rate wages.
This is the first post of many still to come, I will be naming who is on what wage---there WILL be some surprises. I will also be naming who is doing who in that office, just a little bit of leverage. Answer is pay me now or it all comes out.

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