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4650ALISON ONIELL [port glasgow]
Total claims:1
DISPUTE OVER DOG »2 09 0902/09/20090

i live in islay ave port glasgow scotland ive a dog goldy a labrador he is 12 i have been walking my dog around the street where i live for 12 years he is always on the lead about 2 or 3 years ago this deranged woman moved in 2 doors away and things were fine until 18 months ago when she got a dog and then i was out 1 night last winter when she approached me to ask was i intimating her daughter i said no why she says every time her daughter walks her dog i bring my dog out to scare her with my dog which is nonsense i told her i walk my dog when he needs the toilet so the next day my mother asked her what it was about she says she feels im scaring her daughter my mum told her i walk the dog for him to do the toilet no other reason she then asked my mum if i could walk my dog elsewhere my mum said no the dog is on a lead and no threat to anyone since then she has lied to the police and ive been charged with walking my dog dangerously which is strange because he is never off the lead so its in the hands of my lawyer so i would like to inform the poeple in port glasgow ive never intimadated anyones child ive never tried to frighten anyones child im walking my dog thats all to the poeple of islay ave ide tell them be careful of this person she is constantly fighting with neighbours it is the reason she moved here because soon she will realise she wont get any answer from me but i am expecting her to tell lies about other poeple its all she has done     r mcintyre jr ps her name is alison oniell she lives at 29 islay ave unfortunately

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