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10995Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38
'reasonably priced' photoshoot »28th January03/02/201011
Last week, Sapphire Studios called me up telling me I had won a photoshoot, with drinks, make over and hair styling included. They even said that the photos were very "reasonably priced", which is not true at all seeing as they start from £45.
Anyway, since i had recently filled in an online survey i actually believed that i had won. But then after, i thought if i had won, why would i have to pay a deposit, of £199.96! After asking me how many people i wanted to bring they said i could bring up to four, i said id bring two people, then they said why dont you make that 3. So i stupidly said yes, and then 5 minutes later, they said you have to pay a deposit for each person. you get the deposit back even if you are the only one to show up. This started to make me wonder so I told a few friends, and they all told me to check it out online, and i did and i found all these other comments complaining about Sapphire Studios. I called them back the same day, and they did not answer, i left a message telling them to call me back, they didnt. i have left another message with them and called them a numerous amount of times, they did not answer, they called me back only once. it was at an inconvient time so i told them to leave me a number to call them back on since when they called back it was an unknown number, and the numbers from the website never seem to be asnwered. So i tried this new number, and it didnt work again. So i have now resulted in posting a complaint to warn other people, and hopefully Sapphire Studios will see this, and see how many people they are not only upsetting but basically scamming too!

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22640fast canvas prints [fastcanvasprints]
Total claims:13
no goods recived »28 november20/12/20119
i purchased 5 vouchers from the wowcher website for fast canvas prints. I emailed fast canvas prints I uploaded a photo to fast canvas prints (the voucher cost £8.50 per voucher, I purchased 5)little did I know you then had to pay postage and packaging which was another £5.95 per voucher. I sent the first voucher off on the 28th november, the only email i have received was to confirm they had received my order. I have since tried to email fast canvas prints but cannot send the email, I have telephoned the number given on the website to be told that they only deal with enquiries via email. How am I suppose to get in touch if they wont deal with it on the phone and the email wont send? I have also used another 2 vouchers and paid £5.95 p&p per voucher. I've checked the website and all it says is pending. the website has no address so we dont know where the head office is. Can you please help as these were for christmas presents.??? thank you

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12700Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38
Scammed »11.05.201018/06/20107

A few months back I was stopped in the street by a lady handing out leaflets for a photo shoot and makeover. She took down mine and my friends name and addresses and we went on our way. A few weeks later I recieved a phone call saying that I had won a free makeover and that i could bring a friend, but would need to pay £99.98 which would be refunded to me after the event. So I booked and paid and was told I would get a confirmation email with the date and time of the booking. I then recieved a phone call a few days later to see if the time and date stated on the phone was ok. I told them no and would like it to be on the 20.06.2010. I was told that would be fine and that to expect a confirmation email. So I waited and waited but no email so I phoned them and said.."where is my email" to cut a very long story short it took another phone call by me and i recieved an email, but not the one I was expecting. This one was telling me there was a change in the phone number. So again I waited and waited. I got a call from Sapphire studios on the 17.06.2010 re my booking. So I told them I had still not recieved the confirmation email so wanted to cancell and claim back my £99.98 I was told I would get a phone caLL FROM THERE CUSTOMER RELATIONS PERSON but nothing as of yet. However this morning (18.06.2010) I checked my emails and there was a confirmation booking only thing was it was for last month and not for the date I was supposed to be going. I have sent them an email stating that unless I receive my money I will be going to watch dog and my solicitors.

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973New ID Burlington [Birmingham]
Total claims:14
£150.00 »13/01/0920/02/20096

I paid for my daughter to have a makeover at new,id experiences owned by the Burlington group. The make over was fine and the photo shoot good. How ever when the photographs arrived three of them showed my daughters head to be at the top of the frame rendering those photographs as useless. I naturally assumed that I could complain to the customer service department about the poor quality of those photographs only to be informed that I had choosen them like that , that may well be the case but I did not notice at the time how awful those photographs were and I was also conned by the salesman who kept repeating to my daughter "yes thats a lovely photograph blah blah blah" All I wished for was to return those photographs and exchange them for three photographs of their choice with out the head looking as though it has been chopped off. The cost of each 5x4 photograph was £50.00 plus £5.00 postal charge we had seven photos in all at a cost of £350.00 what a shocking waste of money and noredress when you make a valued complaint                                    

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2185simply electronics [Nottingham]
Total claims:20
Late refund despite numerous emails »20 March 200903/05/20094

Dear Sir/Madam,

I cancelled my order with Simply Electronics Company that I purchased online using my credit card  ([] (link: on the 20 March 2009. However until today I have yet to receive my refund despite numerous email correpondences.

My order number is 61590-72391.

Please do anything to get my refund back and please warn others not to purchase from this company as it does not deliver what it states on its website which I found is simply misleading the consumers. Thank you.

Mr Nor,


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11680Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38
Won a free photo shoot »Oct 200917/03/20104
I had a phone call from Sapphire studios (Ashma) saying that i had won a free photo shoot,like an idiot i believed her, but she said that i would have to pay a booking fee of £99.98 which will be refunded to me if i didn't want any photo's also if i cancel my booking, she did not say that there was cooling off period.

They gave me a provisional date in Jan 2010 which i couldn't make so they said I could use my ticket by the 22nd April 2010 but i changed my mind due to personal problems and circumstances I rang them several times for a full refund but only get answering machine,i have left messages, emailed them and sent a recorded letter.

somebody finely rang me and gave me a number 0208 9623504 to speak to Debbie, she was polite but said that Ashma should not have promised the refund after 7 days and that she not have said I won it and they do not say that to anybody.

Debbie said she is going to have to listen to the recording which will take 24 hours and get back to me, I hope that i will get a refund as it is my money.


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22647fast canvas prints [fastcanvasprints]
Total claims:13
No goods received »9th December 201121/12/20114
I bought Vouchers from Gumtree for 2 x A3 canvas prints. Redeemed on 9th December and my order is still pending. I have emailed and received no reply, i have telephoned and after being number 13 in the queue and waiting for ten minutes got put through to an answer machine whos mail box was full.

The delivery service i requested was 15 days but the fact that they are not answering my calls or dealing with enquiries is worrying as i am now one christmas present down!

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10575New ID Burlington [Birmingham]
Total claims:14
No Photos Recieved »10/10/200918/01/20103
Me and My Boyfriend had a photoshoot at NewID Birmingham on 10/10/2009. We had a good time having the photos taken, but i felt a bit uncomfortable when it came to choosing the photos. The lady gave us little options to choose from. Luckly my boyfriend is good at bartering and we got an album and extra prints for £600 which he paid for on his credit card.

On the NewID website it states that the photos can take "maybe up to 8 weeks" i am still waiting for my photo album and extra prints! I have been trying to contact NewID customer services via phone but either couldn't get through (on hold for 10 mins) and when i did get there they fobbed me off by saying they need to speak with the Royal Mail, get a tracking number or contact Printing and will call me back! but no call back!
I decided to make a complaint (05/01/2010)on their website and got a reply via e-mail from Saika. i specifically asked for a delivery date and it is now 18/01/2010 and i still have no delivery date! My boyfriend called up for me and he was told on 07/01/2010 that the album will be dispatched on 8/01/2010 and will arrive early next week. I am yet to recieve the photos!
i have been in contact with Saika a number of times and have the e-mails to prove it and as i wasn't getting anywhere i asked to speak to a manager to complain and she gave me Emily's direct number.

I contacted Emily on 14/01/2010 but no answer and Saika said she will get Emily to call, but no reply.
I called at 3pm on 15/01/2010 left a message for Emily to call, but no reply. I called at 4.30pm and got through to Emily. I stressed how angry i am and unhappy and would like a delivery date. She sympathised and said she will get hold of the printers and findout where the photos are. she told me she will call on 16/01/2010 and i gave her a couple of numbers she could get me on. Guess What! No call!!

i called her again at 11.15am 18/01/2010 and asked why there was no phone call. she said she was going to call me this morning ( i doubted it ) i asked here where my photos are! she didn't seem to know! i asked what the delivery date should be she said i need to speak with the printers, which i thought she was going to do on 16/01/2010 anyway!
My father contacted me to say that he had recieved a CD from NewID through the post on 18/01/2010 but no album! I stressed this to Emily who wasn't bothered by it. i told her i was very unhappy and angry and that they have poor customer service and that i will cancel the photos. She said she will find out a delivery date for me today and will call me today. An hour has passed and no phone call as of yet!

We paid by credit card.

My sister who is worse off than me! She had hers done on 25/07/2009 and recieved her album 08/01/2010!! but they are wrong and terrible photos!

is there anything i can do to make sure they stop doing this to other people? i have read a few complaints and they are mostly from the birmingham studio!

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2246simply electronics [Nottingham]
Total claims:20
No Refund - LTK14505082715X »3rd April05/05/20093

I have tried to make several purchases and have been successful only once. This time after cancelleing an order after weeks of hassel and products not being instock I'm still waiting over a month later.....

summary of story so far:

On the 26 March after some correspondence it was agreed by me to change this order to another in stock item Sigma 50-150mm (new order 29559-77256) at an additional cost of £32.02.  This additional payment was made by phone around the 26th and processed on my account on the 30th March.  Total payment now £499.95

I chased this amended order as I was suspicious that they had again gone out of stock on this line and had this was confirmed by email on the 2nd April explaining this item wouldn't be stocked for at least another week (2/3 weeks of wating by now initial orders placed on the 19th March)

This was unacceptable to me so I cancelled the order in writing this was accepted on the 3rd April by a customer services person and confirmation that I would receive a refund and that my request had been passed to the relevant department.

A number of emails have since gone back and forth between myself and Simply Electronics requesting payment of this refund.  It is now the 5th May over 28 days since my initial request and refund confirmation but still no payments.  Their standard response is to say it's being dealt with but as you can appreciate after four weeks of waiting for something that takes less than 1 minute to process I am getting concerned this will never be refunded.

Although they do repond by email the reponse is the same generic "its being dealt with...." comment which isn't true or I'd have my money back.

Cheap yes, reliable no, crooks we shall have to see.  I have launched a complaint through Visa Verfied fraud department so we shall see.


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13456Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38
I was lucky »26 August 201026/08/20103

Today i had the same call as everyone else, only the lady stressed several times that this was not a competition win but a "promotion": makeover,photo session, photo viewing and chance to purchase photos but no obligation (plus friend or family). I was asked for a deposit of £49.98 (refundable on the day if I arrived 30 mins early) which I said I couldn't pay there and then so we arranged that the payment would be taken in a few days time when i had discussed it with my partner etc. She was very nice and explained everything to me and asked if I had any questions, and i trusted her. After the call though I searched the internet and found this site and all these comments and became worried so I rang and like everyone else got the voicemail system so I left a message saying I would like to cancel the appointment and the payment. Within half and hour I had a call back and the appointment and payment has been cancelled. Maybe it would have been a different story if I had paid there and, if so, I consider myself lucky. Or maybe they have cleaned up their act - I didn't go for the makeover session so I don't know.

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22696fast canvas prints [fastcanvasprints]
Total claims:13
Uncontactable - no goods »14/12/201124/12/20113
Bought a deal on KGB deals, placed order paid for express delivery on 14/12/2011. I have tried to contact the company but the number given goes to a automated answer line saying you are 18th in queue, I held for approx 5 mins as the queue went down pretty quickly. Finally it got to my turn and the voicemail informed that it was full and I was unable to leave a message. I have also emailed the company with no response and tried again on the phone line which led to the same scenario as the first call. Customer services is open 9-1pm

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387Doubletake Studios [London]
Total claims:11
Account no 182558 »18/11/0827/11/20082

Doubletake studios called about 4 weeks ago and told me my sister-in-law had given me a free gift to have a makeover and photo shoot so I thought that was nice, so I took it then after a few days after I was at home with my cousin and a call came through and he wanted to book a date then he said he needs a £2.00 booking fee and I got weary because of what my cousin said to me that I must be careful because it may not be free so I said to you are only taking for only this amount and only this was to be take and they will not take no more than that, they did not ask or tell me that they would hold on to my debit card details and take more without my permission that was not stated and free means free, he even said to me that I can invite another person with me and I choose my mum to come with me, but over the weekend on the 8th my mum sufferred a severe asthma attack and all less priorities went out the window and it was to look after my mum,

Confirmation booking papers came on the 10th November and my booking was for the 12th but because of what happened I did not think about it, the a week after that on the 18th I realised a substantial amount of money was missing from my account and that was my money to pay my bills and get food and gas, electricity and it was gone, I phoned the bank to find out who it was and my money manager told me that it was doubletake they had taken £198 without my permisssion and put it down as sales and services when they did not provide me with this the first transaction of £2.00 had the same description.

The reason why I did not read the terms and condidtions on the internet because I thought there was no reason as this is a gift from my sister-in-law so it does not apply to me and when I came home the monday for a change of clothes I received the double take booking confirmation also but did not read it until this had happened and realised that I had been duped into something that I could not afford and did not tell me that they will be hold my debit details to take out more money.  When they called they told me this was a free gift so I should not be paying nothing for this as this was a gift, 

I have emailed them several times and will send you copied of these because this is not justified and if they had sent the paper work when they did I would of had time to read the terms and conditions and be able to make the decision to cancel because I don't think it is ethical for a business to dup people into getting a photo shoot worse this is credit crunch time do you think I have a £198 to throw away to a stupid photo shoot, if this was told to me I would of been able to make the decision not to especially if I had knowledge of them holding onto my card without my permission.

I have got my sister-in-law to write a letter confirming that is was a gift and my cousin who was with me when they called because I had them on loud speaker and she could hear what they were saying. 
All I want is my money back they did not sell me a sale or give me a service they were trusted that they were to only to take out £2 and no more than that. so did not ask for permission to hold onto my card and if that was allowed wouldn't other creditors especially ballifs would hold on to your credit card if that was ethical and legal they had not the permission to take out any more than they should and they told me that it was a gift from my sister-in-law

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16533simply electronics [Nottingham]
Total claims:20
refund »4-2-201007/02/20112
i purchased a tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens from this company after a few days from ordering this item i received an email saying that they had suspended my delivery because of fraudelent claims occurring through different sites and will only send out my item if i send them a scanned copy of my debit/credit card a utility bill and even a copy of my photo licence i was quite taken back with surprise for a company to do this being disabled i shop on line all the time i do a little bit of photography as a hobby i couldent beleive my luck when i found this site doing this item at this price but i was no way going to send them any such documents so i rang the number i was given in the email i was put through to a call center in hong kong i was promptly told that if i wanted a refund i had to email email was just returned the order number for this item was 322606-425799 when i asked to speak to somebody else but i was told that there is no one else i can speak to not even a supervisor i was really frustrated i dont know whats going to now but somebody should do something about this company all i want is my money back like everyone else and to stop this companys lies

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12066Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38
signed contract »09.04.201015/04/20102

the story is easy ! I was dumb enough too sign the contract without thinking much of it!!
Anyway let's start at the beginning , I had supposedly win a make over and photo-shoot from Sapphire studio, I paid the 46pound deposit and my cousin came with me. It was not a bad experience but at the end we end up agree to pay 83 pound a month over 12 month for the pictures which were not that bad. After signing the contract and everything we meet up some friends and told them what we had done...its seems we had been scammed!! realisation down on us and we tried to get back at the studio but only an answering machine got our calls!!
What shall we do to get out of this ???
the contract is quite a closed one, its says that it cannot be cancelled or refund!

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13058Sapphire Studios [London]
Total claims:38
RIP OFF »11/06/201022/07/20102
My younger sister received a call that she'd won and her prize was a day out +1 to have her hair/make up etc, free bubbly and photos taken worth £300. She gave them a £99.88 deposit incase we didnt show, happy days... NOT

When we got there everything was fine until it came to viewing the photo's and meeeting the most arrogant, snotty nosed homosexual i've ever met (Mr G.Kay) he was rude to us, very blunt, not friendly at all, he talked to us in his work jargon and made everything sound professional but due to his manor me and my sister felt somewhat intimidated not to disagree with him.

In the end he told us it would be £80ish pounds a month, which between the 2 of us we thought was fine. We signed the contract and left happy but upon gettin home and reviewing the contract, we were very wrong! We're actually going to be paying £166.60 per month over 12 months and in total AFTER INTEREST has been added we will pay them £2,299.20!!!!!!

I have read through the contract and they're happy to threaten us with missed payment costs and failure to pay at all costs etc but Cancellation right?! No such thing, simply this small block of rubbish...
"Because this agreement is to be signed by both you and us at our business premises, this agreement will not be cancellable under the Consumer Credit Act 1974"

Anyone help or shed some light of how we can cencel this or anything at all! :0(

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19846Doubletake Studios [London]
Total claims:11
Money grabbers!! »16/06/1119/06/20111
I received a gift voucher for an Ultimate Goddess Makeover for Christmas which I was looking forward to using. I booked the 16/06/11 for the makeover and the �Special Offer� was to bring someone else with you to enjoy the experience for free. I booked the Doubletake studio in Manchester, as this was the closet for me as I live in Scotland. We arrived at 1.30pm and my appointment was for 2pm. We got taken separately to get our makeup and hair styled. After this we had our photos taken, all 55 of them. This finished at 4.30pm. We were then taken upstairs to a waiting area where we were to view our photos in 45mins we were told. One hour and a half later we eventually got to view our pictures. The sales person was very robotic with her speech and her movements! Pressure, pressure, pressure as soon as you enter that room! After a relaxing day this was the last thing we thought would happen. Pamper day?? More like grab all your money day! The sales person went through the packages available�the most expensive one being the �most value for money� apparently. £3000 for photos and a revisit�a don�t think so! My partner suffers from a mental disorder called Bipolar where she can make rash decisions then regret them. My partner was the only one with a bank card, so she signed up for the £399 for 6 photos with a deposit of £80 and then monthly payments of £13 for 2 years. Photos will be posted out for a £15 delivery charge in the next 28 days. This was after bullying and constant pressure from the sales person. We felt we couldn�t leave until we signed something! Nobody should be made to feel like that. As soon as she had our money she couldn�t get us out fast enough! She did say that there was a 14 day cooling of period if we were to change our minds, which did put our minds to rest. As we left the building we had already regretted it, especially my partner who was in tears. The next day she contacted Doubletake to cancel the contract but they said we would still have to pay the £399 in the next 30 days!! She mentioned the cooling off period and apparently this does not exist. So we were mislead and ripped off big time! We need advice and apparently we aren�t the only ones who have been mislead by this company after reading countless reviews.

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10114Doubletake Studios [London]
Total claims:11
Doubletake Studios »18/08/200925/12/20091
An agent from doubletake studios called me up claiming that a good friend had nominated me and a guest for a free makeover and photo shoot and informed me that if i did not show up there would be a £125 no show fee. I thought it would be a nice thing to do so gave them my bank details as they said that they needed a £6 booking fee. My mum and me then looked at the terms and conditions and found out that the photos were very expensive and then decided that it was not worth going, i rang them up the next day to cancel. I finally got through to them and said that i wanted to cancel my appointment they said that i was out of the 7 day period in which you could cancel, on the original phone call i was not informed about this so i booked another appointment and then phoned up within the 7 days to cancel i was then told that it had to be within 7 days of the original appointment, so basically i could not cancel. I knew that £125 would be taken out for a no show but i had a surprise when i opened a bank statement and discovered they'd taken £250 out of my account without my authorisation.I phoned them up to find out what was going on and they said the extra £125 was taken out for the guest when i had not even made a booking for my guest. I rang up again and asked if my phone calls had been recorded and if so would they be able to send me copies of them so i could prove that they had been misleading, they assured me that they would get back to me and never did. They are now not anwsering my calls.

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11192Doubletake Studios [London]
Total claims:11
rip off »17/01/1010/02/20101
Doubletake studios rang me and said that I had been nominated for a free makeover day. They explained that I would have to give a £2 booking fee and that If I did not turn up I would be charged £125 per person. I went to my shoot and had a fantastic time with my best mate. I always wanted to be a model and I have been on day things like this before so I did really enjoy it.
When we went to view our photos, my friend and I really liked them. We were both thinking about buying some but we were unsure. When the woman that was doing our veiwing showed us the pakage deals they did we were like '' omg how much?!''. She said that they can do monthly payment plans and it has a 'low' apr%. Whatever 24.9%!! I found out afterwards. I was ummin and aaarrin for ages whether to get some or not because I really want to get into the modelling industry and thought I would need something like this to do that. I then said to her no I think Ill leave it thanks, she then went to her manager and got the price down from £50 a month to £38 over 3years. I was still like mmm I dunno, she kept telling me '' this is what you need to get into the model world'', and ''you will definately get jobs out it and you can pay it off in one'', '' I gaurantee that you will be modelling by the end of this month''. What a load of poo. I have emailed several modelling agencies off of the contact sheet they sent me which I then found on google, I sent them pictures as that is what she told me to do and they have all emailed back with the same answer that I will not get anywhere with them photos and I should not have bought them as they are a makeover shoot not a portfolio shoot. So she has given me false information and conned me out of £1400 but I will not let this lye as I WILL go to the papers and my solicitor!!!!

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18071Doubletake Studios [London]
Total claims:11
Double Take - Beware - they take money thats not theirs!!!! »7 April 201107/04/20111
I went along to a shoot with my friend and bought a package of photos worth about £600. Agreed to pay via direct debit and gave the girl my details,

Doubletake didnt take any money for about 2 months then decided to tell me that i was behind with payments (hang on i thought they were setting DD up???)

They forgot so i agreed to just pay via card each month which they would automatically take out of my account.... was ok for a while until i changed cards. I asked them to take my credit card details off file and gave them a different card which i agree to pay using......

They have now decided that they would like to take money from both accounts at the same time.... so im paying twice as much as agreed even though i asked them to remove the credit card from file they are still taking payments.

Customer services are crap and dont get any decent response as they are all completely THICK!!!!!

Decided i need to contact trading standards, financial ombudsman and possibly the press at some point to make all other young girls aware of doubletake and how awful they are!!!!!

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22489Doubletake Studios [London]
Total claims:11

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