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IDCompany / PersonClaim TitleIncident DateAddedPostsAdd commentDetails [fuzhou]
Total claims:2
Sent money but no article recieved »08.06.0926/06/20091

On 8 june they send me an email  quotaion about i phones.i order than 6 pcs .of course i sent them money below is the info:

First Name: Xuan

Second Name: Li

City: Fu jian

Country: China

after 3 days they gave me a tracking no .i track it also after 3 to 4 days i got it and it contain just 1 i phone but not original a fake (copy of i phone )then i wrote him again that it was not my order .they blame it on the shipping copmpany .although they said that they ll make it good for me and sending my orer in 2 days .after 2 days i got again an tracking no.i have waited and tracked it.But unfortunatly that packet belongs someone els in anothrer province of germany.Now i mailed them but no reply and the website is also down.what to do now ???This is the email :

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12785Clothing Planet
Total claims:6 - andrew byard - Lacoste Polo - Clothing Planet »28/06/201028/06/20101

Ordered a few polos from Very good prices advertised, not crazy but good. I did a few research on the internet but could not find any history. I decided to keep going, but did not pay attention to the fact that the seller is Andrew Byard in PayPal. If you ever come to a payment on Paypal for him, DO NOT DO IT AND AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS !!!! There is a great likelihood that you'll never get anything.


And by the way, all ordered polos were poor fake copies.

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12948linkboutique ltd [london]
Total claims:1
dress »15.7.0914/07/20101

I ordered a green evening dress, after several weeks I was told that the dress would be sent in time for my cruise. After several emails and a conversation with a lady called Lili, I was told that the dress was not available and they would refund my money. After several weeks I called and was told they had a cash flow problem, but i could choose another dress. I chose another dress and several weeks later i was told that they were still having problems.
It has been a year todate and I am getting nowhere.

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Total claims:1
ugg boots paid, no delivery, no response to e-mails... »18/9/1104/10/20111
On the 18/9/11 I purched a pair of ugg boots from this company for £56.12, they have not arrived and I've no response to e-mails.....Please stay away from this site...

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24361\'Naetmifodmatir Pte.Ltd\'.
Total claims:1
False Advertising »3/5/201228/03/20121
I purchased a pair of shoes for my upcoming wedding June 16, 2012. The shoes were not at all what was pictured. I recieved the following email:
The system e-mail,Please do not reply

Dear ,
This is an automated email to confirm that you have made a payment to " " on 03/03/2012 00:53:02 GMT and your transaction amount is 159.0 USD.
The charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to 'Naetmifodmatir Pte.Ltd'.

Order details:
Merchant Order No. : 860
Order No. : 25941233853238558
Payment Date&Time : 03/03/2012 00:53:02 GMT
Amount : 159.0 USD

If you have any disputes about this transaction, please feel free to complain on in time.
We ( are the professional third party institution engaged in dealing with all disputes among sellers, payment processor and customers.
We'll try our best to help you until you are satisfied with it.and you also can send complaint E-mail to

**Due to floating exchange rate, tiny disparity of order value may exist.
**Please note that your bank may apply a small charge for handling this transaction.

Contact details:
Customer service line:+1-240-2859679

☆ We ( are the independent third party institution with credibility dealing with all disputes.

☆ We devote ourselves to safeguarding cardholder's benefit.

☆ If you have any problems about this transaction, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll try our best to help you until you are satisfied with it.

☆ Please set up our email address to be acceptable in order that we can help you in time.

I was unable to return the shoes that were damaged, used, and not at all what was pictured on the order. There was no return address on the shipment and site complaint did not respond to any e-mails. The phone number was disconnected.

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Total claims:1
Ordered dress - didnt fulfil timescales - didnt ship dress! »Jan2012-present25/04/20121
Ordered dress online.
Kept telling me it would ship in 5-7 days.
Went on for over 60 days.
Did get full refund as dress was late - but on their website it states dress will ship with no cost - if late.
Through quality control - back to factory and so on

Today they have told me dress has failed QC so will not ship!

Now as I have got my money back I am not too concerned - but don't want anyone else to have this happen to them!

more details » [fuzhou]
Total claims:2
Dint receive an item »30/04/0906/05/20090

I had send an money for promised ps 3 60gb, this seller name Jie cai and email [] (link: stopped reply me when recived my money, i mean we agreed that the seller will send me a tracking number but i still didnt receive any information.

seller contact details :

Swift: BKCHCNBJ720

Payee: lu yun bing

Beneficiary account:4548607-0188 -015828-0

adress:hualin road 168,gupin District, fu zhou city, fu jian,China

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4925David Adams PR [Leicester]
Total claims:1
Non payment of CCJ »September 200918/09/20090

David Adams of David Adams PR has refused to pay outstanding CCJ from Rugby Crown Court. David Adams has CCJ's and bankrupcy history and adept at avoiding payment. David Adams has agreed to do PR work, then taken payment without doing the work promised. Be warned, if you are in the Fashion Industry, David Adams is a rogue trader.

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Total claims:1 steals from consumers »06/01/201018/01/20100
This company has still not delivered an order I made on the 06/01/2010 and when it started making dodgy errors on my order invoices I immediately blocked payments to this company from my bank.

However, although there was a security system in place when I ordered via my bank, the company managed to obtain my card details and went ahead and took the payment a second time from my account, even though I had cancelled the order.
The company then insisted on dispatching the items, which still have not arrived, so I have no idea what they may look like and the company has advised to refuse to sign for them.

Well there is no sign of them.

I have filed investigation into this company in an attempt to reclaim the money they have stolen from my account and although the company responds to some email when it chooses to it says it will only refund when it has the goods returned.
Well I don't know where they are. They are stuck in transit nearly 13 days later via EMS tracking website
These items are not my responsibility, yet the company refuses to refund until they have them back.
This is basic theft and I see no reason why I should lose my money to companies (people)like this.
This company is extremely worrying since it gains access to withdraw funds without authorization.

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12874Clothing Planet
Total claims:6
Bogus Lacoste Shirts »02-07-201005/07/20100

I ordered lacoste shirts online but they were shipped from Thailand and are very poor and cheap copies with stitching hanging out and tiny collars on XL sizes.
paypal was put in the name of "Andrew Byard DVD sales"

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12897Clothing Planet
Total claims:6
£298.93 »30 June 201008/07/20100

Same story as the others. Ordered quite a few Lacoste polo shirts and a pair of Diesel jeans from this website. Website looks kosher and even has a paypal link.

Goods arrived. All came from Thailand. All are fake / counterfeit. Seems to be a very recent website as nothing on net re: fakes when I ordered as I checked around.

Paid through paypal and currently trying to get my money back through them. Payment went to Andrew Byard. Amazed that paypal are doing nothing about this crook.

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12903Clothing Planet
Total claims:6
Fake T-Shirt »09/07/201009/07/20100
Looking for a lacoste t-shirt online when this company came up as a link so i went on to it. I knew the goods were coming from abroad and was prepared to wait for the t-shirt. £30 seemed very reasonable. It was the incorrect size when it arrived and it was fake and from Thailand. The postage was £17 for the supplier which made me realise it was fake before i even opened it. Will think twice about ordering goods online from now on. Ripped off. Graham Morbin.

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12915Clothing Planet
Total claims:6
Clothing »11/7/201011/07/20100

All Fake and stealing money!!!
Unable to cancel my order. No refund option available.

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13551Clothing Planet
Total claims:6
fake lacoste tops »19/07/201005/09/20100

Ordered what i thought was genuine lacoste tops from CLOTHING PLANET.CO.UK but when i recieved them they were laughable as they were really bad fakes. But now i cannot get my money back even though i sent the items back too them by registered post. What ever you do don't use this company as you will end up getting ripped off like me!!!!!!!!!

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20690 [Beijing]
Total claims:1
FAKE UGG BOOTS! »21/08/201123/08/20110

I have never purchase any UGG products before but this time I did because I've search there is a fake UGG site saying the UGGs are on sale. First I didn't realise it was fake and believed to be ugg australia. They sent me an email with tracking no. GT26422 and when I tried to track this on the website it doesn't work.  The product is £63.25 but has charged me £72.02. I sent two emails for refund but these were ignored! Now I have regretted to buy this fake product and I'm short in money as I have to pay my university tuition fees!

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16380Emu UGGs
Total claims:1
Uggs - real or fake »28/Jan/201101/02/20110
After many years of successful shopping online, I decided to buy my 1st pair of Uggs. I ordered a pair from a reputable company, received them within a few days, but unfortunately they were damaged. I returned them and quickly began a new search online, trying to find a pair in my size at a good price. I found a website (so many to choose from) that appeared real, so I quickly placed an order for a pair of Ugg boots. Within 30 minutes of placing my order, I re-examined the website and could find no contact details, other than the option to send them a message and they would respond within 24 hours. I had a horrible feeling that something wasn't right and emailed them to say I wished to cancel my order.

This was their response:
Dear Customer,

I am afraid that you can't cancel the order, because we are processing the order.

If you really want to cancel your order, that will cost us some processing fees. So you can get your 90% refund.

Please give us the reply ASAP

Best Regards,

Nowhere on their website was there any mention of 10% being kept. Surely there wouldn't be many fees incurred within 1 hour of an order being placed and subsequently cancelled.

I sent them a reply demanding a full refund, in line with the 7 day cooling off period stated in the Sale of Goods Act 1979. This was their response:
Dear Customer,

Please understand that it's not our company charging the 10% fees. You made the payment through third party payment server, which protects your personal financial security. Actually, our company refund 100% money, but you only get 90%, because of the processing fees.

Best Regards,


I contacted my credit card company (MBNA) within half hour of placing my order, but they could not help until the other company had taken their payment, which if not done within 7 days, would automatically be cancelled. Unfortunately today, I notice on my online statement, that the Chinese company have taken payment. I will contact my CC company to see what the next step is.

The website is:

and the email address they are using

Has anyone else had any dealings with this company or have any advice of how to get my money back.

I can't believe that there are so many companies trading in fake goods taking people's money.


more details » [china]
Total claims:1
this is for all people in the world dont trust this sites they are cheaters plz take care »29/04/201103/05/20110
Itrust this guy he use to call his name benny ipaid to him over 500 us i order some designer shoes and clothes after he recived my money i never heard from this guy he use to use this email adress remember you can find it on contact us plz dont trust this adress or paid this person....

more details » XIUCHANG KEJI
Total claims:1
Rip Off Counterfeit Jimmy Choo - $118 scam »June 9th 201111/07/20110
I ordered a pair of shoes on this website ( for my birthday and the image on the website was of a beautiful pair of shoes that appeared to be discounted at the moment and I ordered them. But the shoes that arrived were first of all not the same colour as the picture and also on the website they are glitter shoes but when they arrived there was not glitter on them. The also were falling apart and possibly the worst made counterfeit item I ever seen - they are definitely NOT discounted Jimmy Choo's but horrible fakes that not only are not the right size or style I ordered but are in fact falling apart and the sole etc is coming unglued since I opened them.

They are the worst shoes ever and I just want my money back and I keep emailing them and they just keep writing back saying send photos of the shoes you received - I have now sent 6 emails with photos and they continue to write back saying the same thing "please send photos" it doesn't matter that I write back saying I have already sent them or that i have reattached them again because they just ignore anything I say in the email and its a pointless effort now - I keep asking for a return address and they wont send me one or a contact number. I am so upset over this - I am really struggling with money at the moment and paying €84 for shoes was a massive expense that I was only willing to make as I had several big occasions coming up this year where I thought I could get plenty of use out of these shoes and this has just upset me so much. Is there really nothing that can be done?

more details » [Hong Kong]
Total claims:1
Non delivery of item/no reply from emails »16 August 201113/09/20110
I purchased a Belstaff Jacket from this site ( the 12th August 2011 and received an email the following day saying my order was processing then on the 16th August 2011 I received an email telling me it had processed and the payment received.
However since them I have had no update from the company regarding a tracking number or any reply saying my order has been shipped. I have sent more than 15 e-mails all of which have gone unanswered. The phone number given on their website doesn't work so there is no way of chasing them this way.
The website claims to send orders within 5-7 working days but it's been almost 30 days now since my payment was taken they have ignored all my emails.
Their e-mail address is
quite simply the worst experience I've had buying online.

more details » [GZ UMBRELLASALE NET S&T CO.,LTD.]
Total claims:1 »13/01/1118/01/20120
Bought a bag from - have heard nothing and received nothing. They do not reply to emails. It is a scam. Beware.

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