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691Sky Subscribers Services Ltd [Livingston]
Total claims:3
Reimbursement of money »21.01.0921/01/20091

Since December i have been speaking to Sky advising them that they have been taking money out of my account for a service I cancelled in September. Every time I called the Billing dept they promised that they would get it solved and reimburse me for the money they have unlawfully taken and every time I checked my account after the phone call nothing has been done.


My last conversation with them after i realised for the 3rd time that they did not return my money again was on Tuesday 20.01.09. After arguing with the person on the phone asking them several times that i wanted to speak to their manager some person came on the phone and advised me that they will not be returning my money until the 5th of Feb. That being bad enough, i just checked my account and again, they have taken money from my account. They have known since December that they shouldn't be debting my account and yet again, they have. I am not working and i am getting very stressed and angry with all this. The £1000 that I am claiming for is not just what they have taken from me unlawfully but for all the phone calls and the stress and anxiety that they have put me through for no reason at all.

I am desperate and just want this to be over,if someone can please help me. I am emailing everyone and i just can't afford to go through this when i am trying to find work.

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2638Patchway TV Repairs/Bristol TV Repairs/Bristol TV/Teletronics/TV-i Specialists [Birmingham]
Total claims:1
Supply Of Goods And Services Act 1982 »19 December 200813/05/20091

I believe this company may be of interest to yourselves.   It started in November 2008 when we started getting a black line through the screen of our 42inch Hyundai Plasma TV. Within a few weeks we had no power at all. We thumbed through the Yellow pages and got the number of this plasma specialist Tv repair shop called Bristol Tv Repairs.   Phoned them and within a matter of days the tv was collected. This was the end of November. We informed them the symptoms of the tv and it was diagnosed upon inspection that the black line was the beginning of the power board failure. We were told to phone back within a weeks time and they would give us a price of repair.   We rang them back and they had informed us they had fixed it and it was the powerboard and was going to cost us £345. We told them we could not pay for it at that time as we had no monies until the 19 December. Between when the tv was repaired and the 19th the company phoned us several times hassling for the monies so the tv could be returned. We informed them again we had no money to pay for the repair until the 19th, which they informed us was their last day of trading until after christmas. They agreed to deliver the tv on the 19th so we could have the tv over christmas.   The tv was delivered on the19th and we gave the delivery driver £345 cash after checking the television worked, which it seemed to work perfectly.   If we had been quoted this price at the beginning before they had gone ahead and repaired it, we would not have agreed to the repair and purchased a new tv. However, we did agree to pay for the repair due to our impatience to have a working tv over the christmas period.   Over the christmas period the black line returned throughout the centre of the screen and the sound was intermittant. In the new year, we contacted the repair shop and informed them of the status of the tv. They said not a problem they would collect it in a couple of days and put it right as it was still under guarantee.   It was January the 16th 2009 when the tv was collected.   I had also noticed in the advert in the Yellow pages new customers were suppose to receive a 10% discount, which was not stated on my receipt. I questioned this several times and the question was ignored by the company.   I phoned the company on 23 January and was informed the company was investigating the problem and was asked to give them more time.   I phoned the company on 2 February and was unable to get an answer or a response to messages left, this was the same story on the 3 February.   I phoned the company on the 4 February and was informed the shop was waiting on a "dry wall" as they believed this to be the problem. Again requested to give them more time.   I phoned again on 17 February and was informed the "dry wall" was not the problem. The shop then said they would phone me back within an hour of the call (which was 09:56). I phoned them back at 14:01 and got no answer so left a message requesting a call back to discuss the result of the tv.  Still got no reply.   Phoned Consumer Direct who informed me to write the company a letter and send it recorded delivery, which I did. The letter was posted 18 February. Confirmation of receipt of the letter was shown online on the 19 February.   I phoned again on the 2 March and the company had no recollection of my letter sent. I managed to get a name, Harry, and he said they suspected it to be another part which was the problem. He said he would call me back which he never did.   I phoned him again and was informed the tv required a "media board", which would cost £160. I informed him we could not afford to pay this and requested the tv to be returned until we could get some money together.   After numerous phonecalls and cancellations of delivery, the tv was finally returned on 3 April at 20:30, a month after saying I could not afford the part.   The picture quality was poor but the sound was fine. Wasn't sure how they managed to mess the picture quality when I had paid them £345 for a part to sort this, and couldn't understand how the sound was fine after that was the reason apparently we needed a "media board".   So another letter was sent along with the tv stating we would like them to rectify the picture problem as we had already paid for them to do this, and return it within 14 days. I also questioned my 10% discount again which was, again, ignored.   I informed Consumer Direct again just for the record.   My husband then endevoured to phone the company on 6 May, and got angry with Harry, who then refused to return our tv back to us because of my husbands attitude towards him!   I phoned Harry on 7 May and Harry then stated he would return the tv after my husband phoned and apologised to him. My husband endevoured to phone Harry at 09:45 and apologised. Harry then told my husband he would phone myself within half an hour to discuss a delivery time. This never happened.   We still have not received the tv.   Still to date, we have no tv and are still £345 out of pocket, not to mention the price of phonecalls and inconvenience.   I am very concerned as the delivery driver stated we are not the only customers to complain about the level of service and the timescale.   Also, in the yellow pages, the business is trading under different names. It is using 2 different addresses which one of the addresses given is a private residence with elderly couples living in them and they are very concerned to find that a company is using their address.    They are calling themselves BRISTOL TV REPAIR, PATCHWAY TV REPAIR, BRISTOL TV, TELETRONICS and TV-i REPAIR SPECIALISTS and boasts a Bristol number ( which has now been cut off), but they are all trading from the Birmingham address, and there is no shop in or around Bristol area, and BRISTOL TV is advertising from 32-34 Karens Drive, Backwell which is the private residence address.   The phone number in the yellow pages has recently been cut off, and the only way I was able to get a phone number for the company was looking on Google map and actually looking at the shop in the street. I have recently found their website, which also confirms the 10% new customer discount, which i have not received along with my tv.   I have contacted Consumer Direct again and they have informed me to send another letter asking the company to phone me back with a date for the return of my tv. I do not believe they will phone me back as they have not phoned me from the date of the first delivery, after they had received their fee.   Also, I believe they have had plenty of time to rectify and return the tv to myself, and the threats of taking them to court does not seem to bother them. The last straw is the man refusing to return the tv back to me.   I have sent him two letters to date, the second letter including a second copy of the first letter, a copy of the advert in the yellow pages, copy of receipt, and times and dates of phone calls.   I have pictures of the tv when it first was returned and pictures of the tv when it was returned the second time prooving it still had problems. I also have copies of the letters.   I also have a video of the tv when it was returned after being told the sound quality was poor, proving the sound quality was perfect.   I do truely believe this company are not bothered by my complaints, if any complaints at all, and feel like they are a law unto themselves.   Please help.

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388Sky Subscribers Services Ltd [Livingston]
Total claims:3

My account number with sky 620006091339

I have on countless times both phoned and sent them emails requesting for my bill in paper formats because i have no detailed itemised billig. My bills are paid by bank standing order(still current).I have tried to go on line to access my billing account but for unknown reasons i could not gain access. There were numerious occassions when i or my daughter phoned them we were transfered from department to department and had no satisfactory response. There were times were we were simply cut off after being on phone for 15 to 20 minuites.I CANNOT TERMINATE MY ACCOUNT WITH THEM BECAUSE BECAUSE I HAVE A YEARS CONTRACT WITH THEM. For your information I have never been rude or abusive with any members of their staff, and my average monthly bill with them is £75.00. Ido not need any compantation but simply want to see my detaied itemised billing or permission to terminate my contract with this companey. 

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19338Sky Subscribers Services Ltd [Livingston]
Total claims:3
Refund or Clear my Dept from Sky »19th May 201119/05/20110
I Signed up to a 12 mouths contract with Sky last year October 2010, my first bill was £36.10 29th October 2010 this was my first month payment, now after that the next month November 2010 "they said it will cost me £25.17 including the Admin chargers", so how i made payment to them on the first month and next month until December. I receive a bill from Sky asking me they demand payment of £134.26 before December 26th 2010 or they will cut me off until they receive my payment, I phoned up and asked them to give me a couple of days to make payment but they decided to cut me off with the Sky HD and Broadband including the phone line too, when i phoned Sky up i said to them what's happing, they said "I phoned up and cancelled my contract" but i didn't do anything like that part from paying them fully for every month bill i got, so they didn't care what i was trying to say, they said "you have been cut off because the payment fail to meet the deadline" but i have been paying them, they should put my services back on now, but they failed to do that and i keep getting letters posted out to my house demanding payment but i am not been Active yet. I phoned them back up number of times complaining about what's happing and they were asking me for payment of bills and a fee charge to be Rein-Active again, so they decided to active my Sky HD box only and asked for full payment of all my services, but the rest of my services including Broadband and Phone Line weren't active, but they keep asking for payment of all my services including the broadband and phone line too that I’m not using because it's not been active, i was trying to tell them that but Sky or Sky Talk didn't wont to listen to me what I've got to say.

When mouths went by I’ve not heard anything from Sky until now May 19th 2011 i got a final letter from Sky demanding a payment of £81.50 within 10 days or i will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency or legal action will be brought against me.

For all the phone calls and e-mails I’ve sent to Sky to complain about what's been going on with my services they basically said "I will be rein-active in 2 week time" but no sign of what happing and the staff on the phone keep losing patients with me with bad tone e.g. huffing and can't be bothered with me, staff keep passing me onto other departments that was just wasting time as the staff from the department were just saying the same thing "you will be rein-active in 6 to 8 weeks so you have to wait" when Sky cut me off i had to use my own mobile phone, to phone them up there was no line active to contact them from my house phone, when i said to them the house phone is cut off, They said "There nothing wee can do, the line must be faulty" but the line is on because the router has one light on it but no other light showing up, but the line is NOT active, but still no results, I’ve been demand to make payment now.

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1285watch tv on pc 12,000 channels [united states]
Total claims:1
i was coned »01/12/200812/03/20090

watch tv on pc every time i contact them they send things like huh you cant type or say we will refund you then 5 minuts later get another email saying no your not and you dont get 12,000 channels you get sorry conection problem all the time or you get 5 min then it gose and crashes and this is brand new computer it dose the same on my laptop

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1672samsung [Chertsey]
Total claims:4

I purchased 32" Samsung LCD TV in May 2006 at a cost of £851. In Sept 2007 I noticed a defect on screen, which persisted. I have written to Samsung HQ in Seoul, Korea, copy to UK HQ at Chertsey: no response.

The service department of the retailer from whom I bought the set has diagnosed a defective LCD screen; he has stated that the screen has a "mura" effect and that the set would need a new screen - a more expensive option than a new set today.

I am very disappointed at Samsung's lack of any interest whatsoever, and would warn other potential buyers of Samsung equipment of this absence of interest; clearly not a company interested in good customer relations.

Though a contribution to the cost of a new set would show goodwill by the company, my prime concern here is to warn others.

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12282samsung [Chertsey]
Total claims:4
4 Year old Refrigerator »May 201011/05/20100
I purchased a samsung rs2630sh side by side refrigerator 4 years ago for over 1000 dollars. Not real expensive, but not a cheap one either. The freezer and the refrigerator side won't work (are not cold) quit working all together. I lost around 200 worth of groceries.
I called samsung many times and was referred to three different Service providers but I had to pay for the service call up front which it was over 120.00 just for them to come out and see if it was under warranty.

After looking on the internet I was very surprised to find out how many other people are having problems with Samsung units and the customer support. They are giving me the run around and they want me to spend more money, they even asked me to look for someone in the yellow pages but if I do that is going to void the warranty

There are too many complains about this company, something should be done. It is the reputation and these are hard working families that most of them, like me, cannot afford to spend more money, and if we ever have the money to buy more, believe me we would not buy from samsung, not even a cell phone.

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27010samsung [Chertsey]
Total claims:4
Samsung Vacuum Cleaner »Dec 201111/10/20120
My SAMSUNG Vacuum Cleaner has burnt holes in my carpet. It is a poorly designed machine with a single front wheel. This makes it unstable and liable to tilt so that the rotating brush may touch and melt the carpet. I believe that Samsung are aware of this problem, but rather than modify the design they [eventually] chose to send me an offensive letter as well as to modify the user manual. I believe that similar machines continue to be sold. CURRYS (the retailer) suggested that they would help, but the KNOWHOW team actually did nothing, other than also send me an offensive letter and ignore the contents of my subsequent emails. The DIXONS RETAIL GROUP has been totally unconcerned with my problem.
My recommendation is to not buy a SAMSUNG Product (they make TV's, mobiles, cameras, vacuums, etc.) and not to buy from the DIXONS RETAIL GROUP (which includes CURRYS and PC WORLD).

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27500samsung [Chertsey]
Total claims:4
International Warranty for Mobile Phone »23 November 201226/11/20120
My brother purchased a Samsung mobile phone for me as a gift from Pakistan (Model: GT-I9003 Serial No. 359374043077151)
I've had the phone for 8 months and it has malfunctioned: Message appeared on screen requesting 'Force Close' but phone remains hanging.
I took it to a Samsung Service Center in Qatar (which is where I currently live and work) and here I discovered that the warranty could not apply since the phone was not purchased in Qatar.
I complained to Samsung via their website (Samsung Customer Support Center:
and their response was international warranty because different regions have different software. I explained the Qatar Samsung service center actually repaired my phone, hence no issue of difference in software but they were charging me 650 Qatari Riyals for the pleasure.
Their response: No international warranty
I asked: Why?
Their answer: No international warranty

I explained that as it's name suggests, a mobile phone is designed for use internationally and should have international warranty, especially if Samsung sell & service the same model elsewhere. (They also provide international warranty to e.g. their laptop PC etc.)
One would think that ethics and logic would help restore the rights of a consumer in such a predicament but I can't seem to get them beyond repeating their mantra " international warranty" as a reply to my questions. Please can you help?
I would be utterly grateful to you.


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16799CV. Aneka onlinestore
Total claims:1
Tv never received »15.09.201019/02/20110
I bought a tv on, i never received it. I never had news about it, no cash back, they gave me 2 fake tracking numbers!! They tried after my claim to enter my personnal mail.


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19864A and D Ltd [London]
Total claims:1
04590306 »27/1/201021/06/20110
This company was supposed to install TVs in a flat being refurbished and received payment to purchase the TVs, but before instillation declared insolvency.Later the company went into liquidation and we recieved no money back

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Total claims:1
television under warranty but can not be repaired »201115/02/20120

Re: Tevion model 44904

I bought this television from Aldi in December 2010. After 3 Months The television  had a problem with recording. The recorded picture jumped and often the recording stopped before the programmed time. I contacted Customer Services who exchanged the television but the problem remained the same. I was told by Customer Services that the problem must be with  my memory stick. I tried several formatted memory sticks but the problem remained.  I contacted Customer Services again but they told me they can not do noting more. So I am left with folty television still under warranty and nobody cares . For more ingo e-mail me:

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