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No delivery - No Refund »On going ! 27/05/20093

Found a Phil & Teds for sale on Gumtree by pramsdirectuk and had very good contact about purchasing the buggy that I wanted, read all the terms at the bottom of the email & things all seemed to be ok then things went very downhill - I paid on the 18th Feb and to this date 27th May I have not had the buggy delivered after numerouse excuses and then they advised me after loads of emails and calls to take the refund I thought I was getting somewhere then and  so I accepted and what a suprise I have still not had a penny back from them again excuse after excuse - they posted it Royal mail lost the letter ... this was recorded delivery twice ! they said they would do a bank transfere of which I would go halfs on the £12 fee to get most of the £228 back again I have had nothing I am now at my wits ends       DO NOT PURCHASE A BUGGY OR ANY OTHER GOODS THAT THEY ARE SELLING .... SCAM SCAM ..... AWFULL PEOPLE HOW MANY OTHER MUMS OUT THERE HAVE HAD TO PAY FOR 2 BUGGIES ??????

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Total claims:1
They took the payment , and not sent the item »10th April13/05/20092

I orderd an item on the 10th April , after 2 weeks of waiting for it , i decided to check my account . They did'nt send the item because the price did'nt match the item price .The item was £23.45 but the company give a price break discount of £1.18 which brings the price to £22.27. So i rang the company up to find out what was going on , i expained everything and she said they did'nt have any instock but she would ring me later the same day to let me know when she would get some in and how long i would have to wait .( and she didn't) So i emailed them several times and they haven't got back to me . And then when i tried to ring them they have taken their phone number of the web site . 

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389Two Right Feet [Bedford]
Total claims:1
FRI-436515 »August 17th27/11/20080

I purchased over the net a McLaren Buggy for my daughter. I purchased the buggy, Muff. and matching bag. The buggy and muff arrived. The bag did not. I have sent emails about every 10 days or so, had 1 reply which asked me to let them know when the bag arrived. I have spoken to a couple of people in the sales division who have promised to speak to the after sales people and I would get an answer that same day. Nothing. One of the women 'Jan' was quite rude on the phone. When I tried again yesterday I was informed that you could not go through to the aftersales team as they were relocating offices. This has been since August? I even asked for my money back but still got no reply. Am I the only one this is happening to? All I want is the bag. 

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2545Mamas and Papas
Total claims:2
Unsafe highchair »01-04-0911/05/20090

I was given a highchair as a gift before my child was born. By the time we used the highchair it had already been 6 months. When we opened the highchair, sides of the highchair was falling apart. We visited the store where it was purchased with the gift receipt, which still had 4 months left of the warranty.

The manager of the store would not replace the highchair but offered to send the highchair to head office were it would be repaired and returned back to my home address. In the meantime I was not offered a loan high chair for the inconvience. After waiting for over a week for the highchair, it arrived in the same state that I left it in the store.

I called headoffice and waited on hold for 10 mins until I was seen to. They refused to help with the problem and said that they will send the parts out to repair the highchair. Waiting yet another week for a wrong part to arrive. Called again to be advised that they would have to see the highchair again before they can help. Waited another week for the highchair to be collected.

Upon receipt of the highchair at Mamas and Papas, they called after 4 days to say that the highchair is faulity and that they have to repair the whole seat unit. Again I was not offered a replacement /loan during this period. After another week, I am still waiting on the highchair to be returned back to me.

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13300Mamas and Papas
Total claims:2
Lost goods »11.08.1011/08/20100

Dear Sir/Madam,

We purchased three items from Mamas and Papas. The quality of the product was not satisfactory and therefore the items were sent back under the exact instructions from Mamas and Papas. We did not use a recorded delivery service as this would have been an additional expense.

The items have not been registered on their system, presumably lost in their warehouse and therefore they are refusing to pay back the money that they owe us.

The overall service has been appalling, countless hours waiting on the phone, not returning calls when specifically stating that they would. Lying about returning calls. It has been the worst company that we have ever dealt with.
We are still awaiting payment and are unlikely to receive it now as the items have not turned up after 1 month of waiting,

Kind regards,

Jerome Waters

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