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5364Treetops Sheds & Nurseries [Bednall]
Total claims:1
Faulty goods & incomplete works »3/09/200908/10/20090

I bought a workshop from Mr. Steven Paul None Pryor of Treetops Sheds & Nurseries by phone and he delivered it to my home address on the 3rd September 2009. The cost of the workshop included deliveries and erection charges. But when they delivered the workshop they made an excuse that the base for the workshop was uneven and therefore they are unable to erect it. They promised me to come back and erect it once the base is repaired. I have repaired the base and asked them to complete the works. Mr. Steven Pryor has promised me to send his erectors on Monday 14th September 2009 to complete the works. I have waited for them all day but they did not show up despite his continuous assurance that they were on their way to my home address. The following day I tried to ring Mr. Steven Pryor but he has stopped answering my telephone call. I wrote to him on 28th September 2009 and gave him 14 days to respond but he has ignored my recorded delivery letter. I have now asked a specialist carpenter to erect the workshop for me but he says that the timber workshop delivered to me is incomplete and it will cost me a lot more money to rebuild it.

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20496Devine Nurseries [Hollym]
Total claims:1
Refund of price of plant that was not delivered »05/07/201105/08/20110
I ordered a plant from this nursery on 5/7/2011
and paid £25.00 to include postage, I received an email from them confirming that the plant was in stock and it would be sent out the following week, however I had not received the plant and phoned to enquire when it was to be delivered, the response was my mother is ill and you can wait for your plant, since then I have emailed several times and written a letter requesting a refund but this company
Devine Nurseries have chosen to ignore all correspondance.

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Total claims:1
Order delivered not correctly, no customer service »19/07/201221/07/20120
on the 13/07, I ordered a Delicate mix of pink roses and decorative green accompanied by nine pink cupcakes for 124£ to be delivered on the 19/07/2012 for my mum's birthday. On the 19/07/2012, I called my mum to inquire about the delivery. Whilst she was pleased with the flowers, the cup cakes had been switched without my being informed or consent for a box of chocolates. I have checked the terms and no-where does it says that they are entitled to make such changes.

D) Delivery of Cakes, Sweets and Fresh Products: Conditions and Exceptions.

All the cakes, the sweets and any fresh gifts selected are made before the delivery from our affiliated pastry chefs.
In some and rare cases, considering the nature and peculiarity of our service and our "fresh products" it is possible that at the time of the delivery for any reason, the cake, desserts and fresh product selected is not available in exactly the same taste (ex. Chocolate, Nutella, cream). In this case eFlora will change without giving any notice the product with another of the same amount currently available from the same category (ex, a cake is never varied with assorted sweets).

The customer accept those conditions, in alternative should ask and make sure in advance if the product chosen is available in that location, if this doesn’t happen it will be valid what is written on “exception of deliveries”, and it could not be made any request for partial or full refund.

I immediately emailed the customer service.
On Saturday the 21/07/2012, still without any reply from eflora, I tried to call their customer service. I made 10 attempts in the day and no-one ever picked up the phone. I did a quick google search only to discover that I am not the only one to experience the same issue.

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